Climbing League is a year round onsight style climbing competition consisting of qualifying rounds, semi-final and championship events. The League is the best way to start climbing, get introduced to the sport, and meet other climbers. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers are all encouraged to sign up.

Entry to the League gets competitors special access to league climbs during the qualifying rounds. Climbing times are flexible each week and you can come back in to increase your scores. Climb hard each week, and celebrate with us at the Semi-final and Championship events!

Boulder League

September - December

Sport League

January - May

Combined League

June - August

Combined League: Qualifier Round 1

First Qualifier starts June 12th, 2021

Sign up today for our first qualifier, with a Semi-final event on July 16th.

Combined League: Qualifier Round 2

Second Qualifier starts July 17th, 2021

Sign up today for our second qualifier, with a Semi-final event on August 20th.


Each season, Boulder, Sport & Combined will consist of qualifying rounds, semi-final events, and a championship final to end the season.

Qualifier & Semi-final

  • Combined: June 12th through July 9th, Semi-final on July 16th, 2021
  • Combined: July 17th through August 14th, Semi-final on August 20th, 2021
  • A single qualifying round is a 4-week period (includes 2 sets). Competitors can come in on their own schedule to attempt climbs and increase their scores over the 2-week period. After 2 qualifying rounds, there will be a semi-final.
  • A semi-final is a single day event that is part of the qualifier. There are 2 semi-final events in a season, and you can participate in either of them. The top 10 scoring competitors from the 2 qualifying rounds earn an invitation to the semi-final event. 


  • Combined: August 27th, 2021
  • A Championship final is a 1 day event that occurs once at the end of the season, and determines our final winners for the season! Top 5 scoring competitors from each semi-final qualify to advance to finals.

Rules + Format

Climbers are ranked in their categories:

  • Rookie
  • Minor
  • Major

Competitor entry fee:

  • Member Qualifier entry – $39.95
  • Team Threshold Qualifier entry – $15.00
    • Includes climbing for 2 rounds(4 weeks) and entry to one qualifying semi-final event.
    • Score must qualify to compete in the semi-final events.
    • There will be two semi-final events before the championship.
  • Non-Member Qualifier – $79.95
    • Includes climbing for 2 rounds(4 weeks) and entry to one qualifying semi-final event.
    • Includes gym access during the qualifying events.
  • Member Championship entry – $49.95
  • Team Threshold Championship entry – $15.00
    • Includes entry to the final Championship event at the end of each league season.
    • Must qualify for the final at either of the semi-final events.
  • Non-Member Championship entry – $69.95
    • Includes entry to the final Championship event at the end of each league season.
    • Must qualify for the final at either semi-final event.


  • Unlimited attempts to earn points on a designated set of routes or boulders.  
  • The 2-week round is scored by cumulative points earned. 
  • Each climb is worth the same amount of points. 
  • Each climb will have a starting position designated by 4 pieces of tape. 
  • Each climb will have up to 4 “Zones” 
  • Zone 1 – 5 Points 
  • Zone 2 – 10 Points 
  • Zone 3 – 15 Points 
  • Zone 4 – 20 Points – Redpoint – Completing after failed flash attempt. 
  • A bonus will be awarded for flashing a climb on the first attempt. 
  • 25 Point – Flash – Complete a boulder on first attempt. 
  • Each climb will have the Finish hold clearly marked with a single piece of tape stripe or a tape box around the finish hold. 

Onsight – A competition format where Players have 4 minutes to complete each of the 3 boulders in a Semi-Final, or 5 boulders in the Final. In addtition the 4 minute climb time, each Player will have a 30 second Transition to move to their next climb, along with a 4 minute rest period between each climb. Players are not allowed to view the boulders prior to their turn to climb. For this reason they will be set to isolation (ISO) to warm up and await their turn to climb. This format will have judges posted at each section to calculate the official score by deducting points for attempts. 

Our Setting Team

Armen A.

Armen A.

Head Setter & Manager

Armen is our head setter and a gym manager. He has been climbing for 7 years and route setting for 6. He's an accomplished boulderer outside, topping out on 17 double digit boulders in the past, including 2 V10s in a day! One of his proudest climbing accomplishments is topping out on Tatiana in Cowell, a V11. His favorite local crags are Zenpen, Horseshoe Canyon and Cowell. He has set for both USAC Regional and Local competitions, and is working on his Lvl 2 setting certification through USAC.

Steven H

Steven H

Route-Setter & Instructor

Steven is an AMGA certified Lead Instructor, and the Facility Coordinator. He's been climbing for several years, and route setting since the summer of 2020. He loves to share beta if you ask. He loves slab and crack climbing.

Devin P.

Devin P.

Route-Setter & Supervisor

Devin is an AMGA certified Lead instructor and heads up our gym inspections. He's been setting with us since the summer of 2020. When he's not busy at the gym, Devin loves trad and sport climbing outside and is always pursuing his technical climbing skillsets. Chat with him about gear next time you're in the shop!

Parker C.

Parker C.


Parker started climbing about two years ago. His favorite type of climbing is bouldering and using the training boards at the gym. He loves setting powerful shoulder moves and dynos.

Chloe M.

Chloe M.

Route-Setter & Coach

Chloe has been a competitive climber for over 10 years, placing at both National and World Championships. Her wealth of competitive climbing experience translates to her setting. She joined our coaching team in the fall of 2020, and started setting shortly after. He favorite thing to set is boulders.