Threshold Explores Fiordland National Park in New Zealand with Pure Salt Charters!

If you’ve ever watched Lord of the Rings Trilogy, then chances are you’re familiar with the scenery of New Zealand. It’s truly one of the most stunning landscapes we’ve ever had the privilege of spending time in. Whether you’re looking to unplug from your technology and connect with the outdoors, delve into the world of conservation, or work to harvest your own food, Pure Salt Charters is the place to check out.

Nowadays, it seems like it’s getting more and more difficult to come across or experience a certain level of pristine-remoteness and we are grateful to guide companies, like Pure Salt who challenge us all to “up” our guide-game. Seriously, this company uses money they make off of chartered groups and allocates funding for major Conservation efforts in the area.

“Our vision is for Dusky Sound to be one of the most intact ecosystems on Earth, and New Zealand’s largest ‘bio bank’ – a source of endangered native species that can be sent to pest free locations throughout the country.” (Pure Salt)

The Fiords of the South Island are so untouched, it’s almost difficult to see when a trail ends or begins. And with record rainfall this season, the trails mimicked a small river as you hiked around praying that your boots would grip the rock underneath. The bush is heavy and it isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s much easier to navigate through a chartered vessel, which is exactly what we did since we wanted to cover more ground and absorb as much as we could in the little time we had. Not to mention, water sports are fun too.

So, for us, the top five benefits of taking a chartered trip like this were clear:

1. Learn about New Zealand’s guiding values and sustainability initiatives

Sean, John, and Brad cleaning up plastic trash found on a remote island.

2. Explore Fiordland National Park: a heritage site rich with history and beautiful rock.

Visiting Anchor Island to learn about the Department of Conservation’s initiatives to eradicate pests and promote endangered species.

3. Experience the abundance of food, vegetation, and wildlife–while harvesting only what’s needed.

4. Unplug from technology. (Seriously, disconnect and spend time with family and friends.)

No technology in use. Just great company, conversation, and games.

5. Climb

Thank you to the team at Pure Salt for such an unforgettable trip!

(L to R: Courtney, Brad, Ana, and Captain Sean)

-Threshold Crew