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Threshold offers several programs for youth climbers, such as our 8-week Climbing School & Athletic program, or our Climbing Team. We are a verified vendor and have been working with Epic since 2018 and all of our Youth Programs can be funded through Epic. These programs are not exclusive to Epic students, and also offer great opportunities for all homeschool students to enroll in a daytime PE activity.

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Upcoming Curriculum

Choose from Climbing School, Threshold Athletics, Camps or our Climbing Team!


For ages 6-10 years old, Climbing School is the perfect introduction to climbing for beginners, or a great way to keep your climber skills top-notch throughout the school year! The overarching goal of Climbing School is to ensure that school aged youth become physically literate individuals who possess the skills, knowledge and dispositions to lead physically active lives. During the 8 weeks, through a variety of games and activities, students will focus on the basics of bouldering, auto-belay, and some top rope climbing skills.

APEC: Ages 11-16

For ages 10-16, Threshold Athletics, or Alternative Physical Education Course, is an 8-week climbing and PE program with the overarching goal ensuring that school aged youth become physically literate individuals who possess the skills, knowledge and dispositions to lead physically active lives. Threshold’s content standards for Athletics follows the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Physical Education and the respective grade level-specific performance outcomes.
Our 8-week curriculum includes a wide variety of climbing activities, that focus on both physical and technical learning skills.

Seasonal Camps

Enroll in our seasonal climbing camps with your Epic funds! Great for beginners, and recommended for ages 6-12. Rental gear is included.

Upcoming Schedule

Team Threshold: Ages 6-18

Team Threshold practices year-round for students looking to commit to climbing as a sport. Over the past several years, the unique sport of rock climbing has experienced a surge in popularity and will be featured in the 2021 Olympics for the first time. Many students find a home in climbing rather than traditional sports such as football or baseball.

  • All skill levels are welcome on Team, and we offer a free trial on your first day.
  • Rental equipment is provided in your monthly dues.
  • Payments are flexible and on a month-to-month basis.
  • Practice times are based on age.
  • Competition and tryouts are not required for Pre-Team athletes (age 6-10), but we do offer more competitive options for athletes on Team(ages 10-18). Tryouts are required for the competitive team.
  • USA Climbing is the national governing body of the sport of competition climbing in the United States. Learn more about USA Climbing here: USA Climbing

PLEASE NOTE: When utilizing your Epic Charter School funds for services at Threshold Climbing, we will require you to sign an Epic Charter School Membership agreement and that a current billing card be kept on file. In the case that your Epic funds do not cover the full amount of services rendered with us, you will be responsible for that balance. You are responsible for checking your balance and confirming that funds are available.

For more questions about billing, please fill out the contact form on this page.